About AR Software

AR Software is an innovative development company located in Ramat Yishai, Israel.
AR Software is focused on formulating creative ideas for hardware and software development projects — from the early planning stage to the finished product.

Our main


System software development

(embedded and Linux)

Application software development

(GUI, client and server side)

Mobile application development

(Android and iOS)

Hardware development focused on embedded and industrial computing
(x86 and ARM, and operating systems)

When developing a new project, we draw on the naturally inventive spirit of our team.

With its decades of experience, our highly qualified AR Software team brings all-around expertise from project planning to hardware and software development, to finished products.

The team relies on close cooperation and open channels of communication with our partners (for example, daily discussions about difficulties and a team-based approach to solving problems).

Why work with us

Looking for an innovative, professional IoT solution?

Smart cities, sensors, security, media, consumer products, beacons, wireless, RF communications. We've done it all. We possess extensive knowledge in IoT development, using leading-edge technologies and working with a variety of partners.

The combination of our inventive spirit and perspective from our years of experience allows us to offer unique solutions that meet the most challenging requirements.

Over 12 years’ experience

developing embedded devices

Over 7 years’ developing advanced algorithms

for IoT devices

Multidisciplinary teams

that work in a highly collaborative environment

Characterization and product development

according to the client’s needs

Managing project delivery schedules and assuming

complete responsibility for the production process, development, and testing


IoT management platforms
Cloud servers
CatM, NB2, GSM platforms
Data security and encryption protocols (AES, hash)
Data security and encryption protocols (AES, hash)
Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE)
GPS trackers
Data protocols (MQTT, CoAP, AMQP, WebSocket, Node)

the team

Roman Morar, CEO

Lead development of a wide range of IoT products; characterization and algorithm development of redesign of existing systems for improved performance; DSP development and signal processing. Broad programming knowledge: C#, ARM, C, Assembler. More than 12 years’ experience.

Alexander Belousov, CTO

Expertise in RT embedded systems, algorithms, embedded platforms, network protocols, cl0ud encryption, upgrading Linux environments, OTA updates, scripting. Significant programming knowledge: Java, C/C++, secure OTA, ARM Cortex M, NXP i.mx6. IoT, Wi-Fi, BLE protocol, DB, API, RTOS, OpenWrt. More than 10 years’ experience.

Rostislav Grosman, Verification & Validation Manager (V&V)

Expert focus on test strategy development, management of automation infrastructure development and manual software testers, analyzing requirement documents, and QA&I Elbit System production line. Specific expertise: ATR, QUAL SW V&V control during development. More than 10 years’ experience.

Sergey Metalizky, Automation Manager (V&V)

Expert in data security; cybersecurity and scripts for server testing, system stress, recovery testing, and automated testing of Java application development; system scenario simulations. Broad programming knowledge: Java, PL, SQL. More than 10 years’ experience.

Stanislav Zhiznevskii, Embedded Developer

A focus on data security; cybersecurity scripts for server testing, stress testing, automation testing; Java applications; automation test scenarios; retail banking system development. Programming expertise: Java, PL, SQL. More than 6 years’ experience.

Lev Rozenbaum, Mobile Developer

Focus on mobile app SDK for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android; Flutter developer and React Native developer. More than 3 years’ experience.

Eugene Chernobaev, Cloud Developer

Extensive knowledge of Linux servers (LAMP/LEMP)/video streaming/sockets; full stack developer, front/back DBs: SQL/NoSQLl; big data security: Web applications/servers, RESTful API/Web service. More than 16 years’ experience.

Shimon Mazuz, Board Design

Expert in control card hardware development; product development, including design and construction of testing facilities; design, preparation, and accompaniment of FCC, TUV product tests at the Standards regulationsexpertise with printed circuit editors and multiple device solutions for placement and routing problems. More than 20 years’ experience.


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